Teaching Methodology


Our academic programme is transacted through I DO, WE DO, YOU DO methodology. in I DO, the teacher demonstrates
or explains a concept. in WE DO, the teacher assists the students in understanding the concept and doing
exercises. in YOU DO, the teacher gives opportunity to the students to attempt independently, without her.

Our Academic Programme: Empowered Teaching, Easy Learning
Committed to the objective of empowered teaching, we in KVM provide a roadmap for enabling the teachers through:
• Training sessions for professional development of the teachers, conducted by academic consultants.
• Providing the teachers with Teacher Handbooks containing strategies, activities, methods and daily lesson
plans for transacting concepts of various subjects.
• Providing them with a tool kit, containing teaching-learning aids and digital content for ready reference in
explaining various concepts and topics of various subjects through an integrated approach.
Our academic programme is dedicated to provide a world class learning experience to the students by:
• Encouraging the students to be proactive and collaborate and interact with the teacher, peers and parents in
the learning process rather than becoming passive recipients
• Relating concepts with experience of the students
• Encouraging enquiry-based learning
• Providing engaging activities and challenging exercises based on the concepts taught, for holistic development of the students.

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