General Rules
1. The bonafide students and staff members have right to access the library and use it for reading and studying during working hours and days.
2. Students and Staff member when leaving KVM permanently must deposit the books with the Library Office and get their account cleared.

Rules for Issue, Return and Maintenance of Books
1. While issuing the books, etc. from the Library must check the books, etc. that the same is in order. In case
of any deformity is noticed by the student/staff member the same should be reported to the Librarian. All
books, etc. are issued for a limited period; hence, the member should note the date by which she/he is required to return the book, etc.
2. The issued books, etc. must be returned to the Library on or before the date of return. Returning book late shall attract fine as per following schedule:
3. In case the book, etc. is lost/misplaced by the student/staff member he/she has to replace the same with a new
one or shall be required to pay the cost of book at current price, if book is available in the market, with a fine of Rs.50/-.
In case the same book, etc. is not available in the market and student/staff member fails to replace with new one
or return the book, etc. the student/staff member will be required to pay a penalty equal to five times of
the cost of Book, etc. at its last release, if ascertainable or at the actual cost if last release cost is not ascertainable.
4. Student/staff members in possession of any library book, etc. must return same before the end of
classes/session (official date of ending classes) in each year failure of which appropriate fine shall be levied.
5. The student/staff member must maintain and handle the books, etc. issued to her/him properly, carefully and
safely. She/he should not mark on it, underline on the texts, write anything on it, and deface it in any form.
While on return if book, etc. is found to be defaced in any form the provisions given in point No. 3 above for loss of book shall be applicable.
6. The Librarian, in the interest of Library and School, has the discretion to recall any book issued to the member.

Discipline and Decorum in the Library
1. The student/staff members shall maintain perfect silence in the library reading halls. Talking loudly, gossiping, chatting, etc. is strictly prohibited.
2. Running, pushing passing gestures and teasing is strictly prohibited.
3. Eatables and soft drinks are not allowed in the library.
4. Use of mobile phone is prohibited in the library. Mobile phones should be kept under silent mode in the library.
5. Marking, underlining, doodling or defacing any Books, Newspapers, Magazines, etc. of the library prohibited.
6. Carrying any book, published material, or any property of the library outside the library without proper issue or authorization shall be deemed as gross indiscipline.
7. Defacing, damaging and mishandling the property of the library shall be deemed as gross indiscipline.
Non-compliance or breaching the rules of Discipline and decorum in the library shall attract disciplinary action and fine or cancellation of admission or both.

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