Main Streams:

There are primarily three major streams after class Xth. Students can choose between Science, Commerce and Humanities/Arts. All of these
three streams can be generally categorized based on the core subjects and the career fields they will land you to. For instance, the science
stream is usually related to medical, engineering, pharma, and other such fields of study, while the Commerce stream relates to business,
trade, commerce, and financial sector. However, the Humanities/Arts stream is the widest of all, covering a whole lot of study fields, including
Languages, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, and a lot more.

The Science Stream:
The science stream is often preferred by those who are aspiring to pursue professional courses after 12th. The primary subjects in science
stream are Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Computer Science. Among other subjects, English is compulsory while the other
language subject is left for choice. There are also practical labs along with theory, which calls for a lot of hard work for students in this stream.

Opting for science stream opens up both medical and non-medical
career options, including medical science, engineering, and other
interdisciplinary careers. If interested in a medical field, you will have to include Biology along with Physics and Chemistry as your core subject
combination, while for engineering, you will have to replace biology for mathematics or computer science as the core subject. However, there are also other career options including either two or only one of the
science subjects. It is hence better to decide your future path at this stage only and choose the relevant subjects accordingly.

By studying in science stream after 10th, students can opt to pursue the further higher education in diverse fields such as Biochemistry,
Bioinformatics, Cytology, Dental Science, Genetics, Pharmaceuticals, Space Exploration, Biotechnology, Metallurgy, Forensic Science, and
many others, besides the ever popular medical and engineering options.

Commerce Stream:
Commerce stream is another good option after 10th standard. If you are the one having strong mathematics and analytical abilities, then,
Commerce would be the best choice for you.

The core subjects in the commerce stream are Economics, Business Studies, Mathematics, and Computers. Here too, English is compulsory
and you have one language subject as optional. Few of the other elective subjects are Accounting, Informatics Practices, Business
Communication, Finance, Statistics, etc.
You have a wide range of opportunities on selecting the commerce stream. You can choose fields related to business, banking, trade,
finance and accounting as your career option. Few of the popular graduate courses after 12th for the commerce stream are BBA, B.Com, BMS, CA, BBM, and more.
Hence, if you have a natural inclination towards mathematics and analytics, you should prefer taking up commerce field. Humanities/Arts Stream:
Humanities, commonly known as the arts stream, holds the widest scope of opportunities for students. While History, Geography, Political Science, and English are the core subjects, you can choose from a wide
array of elective subject combinations, which include Economics,
Psychology, Fine Arts, Sociology, Physical Education, literature subjects, etc. In this stream as well, while English is a compulsory language subject, students can choose among Hindi, Sanskrit, and French, as an
elective subject.
The career prospects in the humanities stream are extensive. You can choose for anything from civil services or IAS officer to subject-oriented graduation. Students can also opt for technical courses like BCA/B.Arch.
or go for law and management courses as well.
Remember that, choosing the right stream after passing Class Xth is crucial for every student. The recent trends are changing and gone are
the days when only medical and engineering were considered to be bright career options. Today, there are diverse fields which you can explore, and each field offers ample career opportunities. What is,
however, important is to make sure to analyze the educational prospects of each stream beforehand, and then choose the right stream accordingly with respect to your interest and abilities. This way, you will
not regret your choice in future and head towards the right stream for a bright professional life ahead.

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