Gone are the days when students used to start thinking and planning their careers towards the end of schooling,
nowadays students (and parents) understand the need of early career
planning and they start preparing themselves accordingly but unfortunately not all of them!

Even in this highly competitive era, numerous students still aren’t sure of what they exactly want to pursue once they are done with schooling.
Several students end up making quick career decision resulting into getting themselves caught in a course they neither enjoy nor understand properly,
which later turns out to be a blunder when they start looking for work and hence that quick career decision becomes a lifelong regret.
That is where career counselling role kicks in! We ensure students make the right career decision and enjoy a successful and prosperous life.

Our Services
School is the perfect place to recognize one’s talent and aptitude which acts as the foundation of the career that a student
chooses later. Through our career counseling services, we ignite the fire of career consciousness in students at a very early age. We educate them
about the importance of career planning and motivate them to be determined and take the control of their career decision confidently.
So we provide career counselling services for 9th to 12th standard students which contain a wide range of services
depending on the class we are serving. Our counselling services, in general, educate students of extensive career paths and guide them about taking
right steps while making career decisions and avoiding those that could spoil their career later.
9th standard students are barely aware of the broad career opportunities as they have only heard or known about the most conventional career paths.
Our career counselling service for 9th standard generally aims at exposing students to vast career opportunities and motivates them to start career
planning to stay ahead of the crowd. It fills them with the determination to become a successful person in the future.

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